The event was INCREDIBLE. But my friends weren't there. Did they miss out?

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The simple way. Invite friends over for a meal and then watch, pray, and respond together.

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For spring events, Church-Wide Watch Parties could tie in to Lent, Easter, Mother's Day or Father's Day. Fall events could tie in to Thanksgiving, Christmas (or an end-of-the-year event), or all through January for Sanctity of Life Month. But any time is a good time to connect an entire congregation with the work of your center or clinic. Host a church-wide meal (pot luck?) or a dessert evening and watch the event together.

At Your Watch Party Expect to Be ...


by Dr. Marc Newman - one of the top pro-life trainers in the nation - as he exposes not only the lie at the heart of abortion, but how it can be defeated, and your role in creating a life-affirming community that impacts men and women, saves lives, and changes the world.


when you understand the effectiveness of Life Network of Central MO & My Life Clinic. In the midst of all of the challenges faced by our clients during the pandemic, Life Network of Central MO & My Life Clinic is doing everything needed to protect babies and minister to moms and dads.


when you realize not only the enormity of the threat posed by abortion in our own community, but recognize the God-given abilities you have to turn the tide and make a difference in the lives of your neighbors—both born and unborn.


to pray and join with others in support of Life Network of Central MO & My Life Clinic through special gifts tonight and/or ongoing monthly pledges.